What if I told you EAC is offering time travel classes? Well, maybe not quite… but we can take you through history to meet some of the most iconic artists in ever! With our Meet the Masters Art Kit Subscription Series, kids can learn about the lives of famous artists and complete fun projects in the style or medium of these artists.

Delivered on Thursdays each week to Emporia, Americus, Olpe, Strong City, and Cottonwood Falls, each kit includes all the quality components of a traditional EAC class detailed, step-by-step instruction. specialty supplies needed to complete not 1, but 2 relevant art projects (some basic supplies such as scissors and glue will not be included). Additionally, kits come with interactive digital content.

This supplemental digital content includes video tutorials from EAC Staff, educational games, music, recipes, and much more! EAC’s professional staff has done the work to source and compile entertaining and educational digital content to pair with each kit, making sure all supplemental materials are high quality and appropriate for elementary aged kiddos!

These kits are adaptable for all ages, without the time limitations of a traditional class experience students are able to take their time with the lessons and projects and make any necessary modifications. The Meet the Masters series is also a wonderful subscription for collaboration. Families can work together to learn about great artists from history! Check the comments for a graphic outlining the weekly artists!

Each Meet the Masters kit is $15, or you can subscribe to the full series for $90 (that’s one free kit!). To register to receive a kit please call EAC at (620) 343-6473. Register by the prior Friday for a Thursday delivery. For more information please give us a call or visit emporiaksarts.org

Register today to see our Emil Babinger Art Mobile Van Go(gh) to your home next Thursday!

Dates listed are for first available delivery dates for each kit. Kits are still available for order/delivery after the listed date! Keep it creative!

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