Art Gifts 2018: Holiday Gift Guide

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, and EAC can help make it even better!

Welcome to the 2018 Art Gifts Holiday Boutique Gift Guide. We have taken the guesswork out of your holiday shopping and expertly selected unique gifts for everyone on your list that will show you care!

Here are 10 creative solutions for those hard-to-shop-for names on your list!

  1. The Host with the Most

    Looking to stand out at your holiday parties this year? Gift your host a bottle of red wine, include the ingredients for your favorite mulled wine, and slide it all into into a beautiful handmade woolen cozy created by Jodi Heermann. With this sweet gift we’re sure you’ll be invited back.
  2. The Fashionista

    Our walls are lined with the warmest and cutest handmade hats, gloves, and scarfs from many different crafts-people. The style-savvy man or woman on your list won’t be afraid of outfit-repeating with  these luxurious knits… but you might have a hard time picking a favorite so you might as well get them two!
  3. The Toy Collecting Kiddo

    Fidget spinners and slime are so last year, but kids still love mind-bending gadgets. Check our the incredible handmade kaleidoscopes. These kaleidoscopes are unique, great for keeping busy during long road trips, and it is sure be in this kid’s backpack for show-and-tell after winter break!
  4. The Hornet Fanatic

    Do you know a Hornet mega-fan that is always sporting ESU from head to toe? Instead of amping up their already complete Corky wardrobe, deck out their man-cave or she-shed with a piece of handmade ESU glass mosaic in sparkling gold and black. Stingers up!
  5. The World Traveler

    They’ve been there and done that, twice… what more could they need? Help them hold onto those memories with a handmade mosaic frame. In a variety of sizes our artisan crafted frames each have a unique design, making them perfect for collecting not-so-standard memories of travels abroad.
  6. The Tireless Boss

    Someone who spends all day in an office and somehow keeps the entire workplace in sync deserves a little peace. You can’t afford to send them away on the scenic vacation they deserve and they wouldn’t have a second in their fully-booked schedule to take it anyway.  Relax their mind and their office with one of the fantastic landscapes or other paintings we have. Waterfalls, countrysides, and majestic animals in realistic scenes will transport their mind to paradise after a coffee-fueled work day.
  7. The Homebody for the Holidays

    This person can be found  sporting fuzzy socks with a mug of hot cocoa in their hands preparing for a Netflix marathon on any weekend where the temperature drops below 60 degrees. They are collectors of all things comforting and soft, so keep their favorite sweats soft as can be with handmade wool dryer balls. They soften the fibers naturally and gently, and everyone loves a fuzzy blanket they can wrap up in fresh out of the dryer without any static cling!
  8. The Dreamer

    Let them keep their head in the clouds but their feet on the ground with one of these unique and magical faerie gardens. These mystical little treasures are intricately created with the fantasy lover in mind. Best of all, this is one garden you won’t have to water and it will keep your imagination thriving for years.
  9. The Athlete

    Phone. Wallet. Keys…Panic! Make their morning run, bike ride, or car ride to the gym a little less hectic with a handy key-ring that fits flat or slides effortlessly onto your hand/wrist. Perfect for those flat waistband pockets in athletic wear, these key-rings are hand-sewn and come in a variety of bright colors that you’ll spot from anywhere. The perfect stocking-stuffer to get your athlete out the door and on the field even faster.
  10. The Couple Connected at the Hip

    They share everything from secrets to socks and they are a package deal at any social gathering, so get them a gift that can grow with their relationship. Literally. We have dozens of handmade ceramic or blown glass planters and vases that liven up any fresh plant, or packet of seeds if you’re waiting for the frost to pass. A potted plant will remind the couple how much their relationship has grown and will continue to.


There you have it, 10 unique holiday gift ideas you won’t find at the supermarket or mall this year. All gifts mentioned are in limited quantities and won’t last lang as many are one-of-a-kind creations., but remember we have MUCH more than you see here! Stop by 815 Commercial St. to check out our collection of Art Gifts until December 29th!



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