Carlton “Corky” Heller is a Kansas native. His photographs speak to what it is to be from The Plains State. However, he likes to use photomanipulation to bring forth what is already there and to make it soar to the viewer. Sometimes he adjusts it very little – just using the darkroom to bring forth contrast and what the image is about; at others –  he has fun with effects and color to give the photo a more artistic interpretation.

His images are ones that we know: landscapes, vistas, sunflowers and the majestic Flint Hills. His images are what we dream; abstract, micro, and smoke interpretive. They stand on their own but also have a cohesion. There is something for everyone at “Photo Initiated Art” Make sure you put Sept. 2nd, 4pm- 6pm on your calendar!

If interested in purchasing one of Carlton’s photograph please call (620) 343-6473 or come in 815 Commercial St. We do not currently offer shipping, please note if purchasing from out of town you will need to arrange a pick up.

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