iLuminate: Monday, February 18, 2019

Join us on Monday, February 18, 7pm at Albert Taylor Hall for a heart-racing and jaw-dropping performance by artists of light, iLuminate!

iLuminate combines state of the art technology with trained dancers to create an unbelievable spectacle. A completely blacked out stage brings the electroluminescent lights on the dancers suits to life creating illusions that will reawaken your senses. Expect to see mind-bending dance moves set to  a range of music styles from current hits to classic jams.

Reaching the finals and being named the “Best New Act in America” by America’s Got Talent judges, iLuminate delivers a completely unique performance to anything you have ever seen. Their groundbreaking combination of storytelling, music, and technology will leave you speechless.

PURCHASE TICKETS HERE and at 815 Commercial  St.
or call (620) 343 6473

Hope to see you there!

Take a sneak peek of the iLuminate magic below!

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