Emporia Arts Center (EAC)

EAC began its operations in May 1976. Over the last 48 years EAC has been involved in presenting an annual performance series featuring prominent national and international artists. The Emporia Arts Center has been the catalyst for more than 1,000 artistic and cultural programs and events in Emporia and the seven-county service area. Our track record of high-quality programming for Emporia and the region is punctuated with a lifetime headcount of over 100,000 children and over 200,000 adults participating.

EAC’s Mission

To Educate, to Advocate and to Celebrate the Arts in Emporia and our seven-county service area.

EAC Vision Statement:

At the Emporia Arts Council, we are a community in which EVERYONE regardless of age, ethnicity, family, gender, social or economic status has access to the knowledge, inspiration, and culture that the arts bring.  We strive to be an educational hub for all arts and artists as well as a cultural presenter for the performing arts in Kansas.

We Believe…

We believe the Emporia Arts Center is important to Emporia and the region because the arts create a vibrant, dynamic community. EAC considers and incorporates the following belief statement in all their activities:

We believe a dynamic EAC…

Expands the vision and values of children and families. 

Increases and strengthens our sense of community and neighborhoods. 

Enhances the educational opportunities of children. 

Influences entrepreneurship, motivates the young, and helps business people think “outside the box.”   

Art spurs creativity and a sense of adventure. In an age when competition dominates all arenas of business, the arts serve to challenge common thought and practice, opening new doors to solve old problems.

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