The Performing Arts

The Emporia Arts Center believes in the power of art and cultural programming to educate, entertain, and build a more dynamic and vibrant community.

MOMIX – 2018

Each year EAC presents an array of performances designed to reflect the cultural diversity of our community. Each season includes a variety of cutting edge music, dance, theatre, and special attraction events.

It is due to the generosity of our donors and our supporters that EAC is able to significantly contribute to the cultural life of our community and enhance the business environment in our area. Our Performing Arts Series is a premier example of the economic impact a dynamic art community can have on a city.

Bridging past entertainment, EAC’s perfomring Arts Series often offers exclusive educational opportunities. Professional demonstrations, master classes, private performances, and other experiences are used to expand the overall appreciation and understanding of the arts in our community.

iLuminate – 2019

We are excited to present our 2021- 2022 Performance Series and hope you will join us for our breath-taking line up!

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